Private Jet
Company Name

In 2023, a cutting-edge tech startup hailing from Dubai, sought the creative expertise of River + Wolf. Their mission? To christen their revolutionary app, one that promised on-demand access to private jets. The challenge was clear: create a name that was succinct and conveyed a premium aura. Moreover, with a global reach in mind, it had to be effortlessly spoken and spelled.

River + Wolf embarked on a journey of exploration, developing a vast number of naming possibilities that played to various themes, ranging from accessibility to wanderlust. After a rigorous selection process, "Yond", a truncation of "Yonder," emerged as the chosen moniker.

The name took flight when our design partner crafted a logo that expressed luxury and immediacy. And when we developed the tagline, "jets on request", that name really took off!

Design Partner: IrasemaStudio

Other Projects

Naming products for a global audience presents a unique challenge: crafting names that resonate universally. Our client, Arseniy Olevskiy, the visionary behind Yond, recognized this complexity. He understood that not everyone would instantly grasp the connection between "Yond" and "Yonder." However, he was keenly aware of the power of effective branding and design in bridging that understanding gap.