Data Analytics
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Motiion helped eliminate waste in the food supply chain through collectively providing its platform partners with up-to-the-minute supply chain data. Unable to choose between River + Wolf and another agency, the Motiion team decided to hire both. As sometimes happens in these situations, the two agencies simultaneously developed Crisp, the favored name. Our attorney had assessed the mark as “high risk”, for USPTO refusal, whereas our competitor had assessed Crisp as “low” risk. Our attorney proved correct. But as the Motiion team had fallen in with the name, they hired River + Wolf's attorney, Darren Geliebter, to overcome the USPTO’s refusal. As the result of his well-crafted arguments, the USPTO dropped its objections and, one year later, our client was the proud owner of Crisp—a name that spoke to both fresh food and data.
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Many trademark applications result in a “likelihood of confusion” refusal from the USPTO or global trademark offices. Knowing our IP attorney’s success rate in overcoming such refusals, we were delighted when the Motiion team invested the time and money needed for him to overcome the ruling. This delight increased when Darren’s meticulously crafted legal work led to a successful registration for this great company.