Seltzer Water
Product Name
Quick turnarounds and collaborative naming projects can be great fun, so when Coca Cola reached out to us for such a project, we jumped on board. Inspired by this sparkling new beverage, we entered many candidates, including a handful of options that incorporated “AHH”--a vocal expression associated with surprise, hitting the spot, and deliciousness. These included: TAHHA and TAHHO (evoking the sparkling, cold waters of Lake Tahoe), and WA (the Japanese word for harmony that conveyed the concept of water in harmony with the drinker's mood). These names contributed to Coca Cola’s AHA moment.
Other Projects

Collaborative naming done at top speed relies doesn’t allow for the deep work that normally accompanies a naming project. But the Coca Cola team had cued up the naming agencies nicely, and this enabled the project to quickly reach its AHA moment.