Sun Cruiser
Vodka Tea
Product Name
Sun Cruiser

Boston Beer Company dominates the hard tea market with Twisted Tea, a 20-year-old flavored malt beverage brand presently experiencing explosive growth. Not willing to rest on their laurels (or tea leaves), this inventive company developed a new innovation: vodka with iced tea. Working alongside Boston Beer's top notch marketing team, River + Wolf developed a vast number of names matching the team's favorite theme: relaxing on a sun-kissed day. The presentation included names such as Coast Light, Coast Along, Chiller Instinct, Sunset Sail, Cruising, and Dune Rider. After some mixing and matching of everyone's favorites, the team landed on Sun Cruiser, a name that well reflected the theme.

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The collaboration between an in-house marketing team and a naming agency like River + Wolf can lead to fresh and exciting ideas. The Boston Beer team, an exceptional partner in this venture, perfectly blended their efforts with ours, resulting in a name that met all criteria.