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Bold Orange, a company specializing in enhancing human connections and modernizing loyalty, customer relationship management (CRM), and digital experiences for brands, recently acquired the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC), the largest gift card fundraising company in the country. Despite the brand's success in strengthening community connections, it relied on a more traditional scrip fundraising approaches.

As the company introduced more contemporary and digital solutions to its platform, a fresh name was needed as well - one with greater style than its current overly descriptive moniker, "ShopWithScrip." The new name, RaiseRight, reflects the company's commitment to raising money the right way - a way that's more convenient than traditional methods like selling goods or recruiting volunteers.

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CEO Margaret Murphy and her team initially favored a descriptive name. We advised them that such names can be challenging to trademark. The Bold Orange team, acknowledging our trademark expertise, opened up to the idea of "descriptive with a touch of style". Their willingness to listen to the "experts," paved the way to the universally-embraced, RaiseRight.