Impact Investing
Company Name

In 2022, New Markets, a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of financial services, approached River + Wolf for a new name. River + Wolf concurred that the current name "New Markets," failed to encapsulate the core mission of the company: empowering local economies afflicted by discrimination and underinvestment in marginalized communities. After an extensive exploration of various naming possibilities, the team ultimately settled on "Broadstreet."

This choice resonated with their mission to democratize financial opportunities, bringing a broad range of races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and genders to the investment table. Furthermore, "Broadstreet" conveyed the idea of going beyond Wall Street.

Other Projects

River + Wolf thrives on collaborating with companies that leave an indelible mark on people's lives. Nevertheless, within the realm of impactful enterprises, it's not uncommon for leaders to lean towards excessively descriptive. The Broadstreet team wisely steered clear of this inclination.