Product Naming

Renowned spirits company, Maison Ferrand, enlisted River + Wolf for a crucial rebrand of their flagship rum, Plantation, being necessary to clear in 120+ countries while maintaining brand continuity. After crafting 400+ names, including 17 "plant" variants, the team developed Planteray, a moniker resonating with the original but free of negative connotations. Despite initial concerns from our IP attorney regarding phonetic similarity with Tanqueray gin, the Maison Ferrand legal team reached an agreement, and Planteray successfully launched in 2024. The first product under the Planteray Rum name will be Cut & Dry Coconut Rum, with subsequent brands transitioning as existing custom bottle stocks are depleted.

Other Projects

Alexandre Gabriel, President and Owner of Maison Ferrand, actively participated in renaming Plantation. His intense passion, curiosity, and appreciation for language, and his love of beauty and aesthetics matched our own. He is a true artist-businessman. While his language and branding gifts are uncommon, an engaged CEO almost always adds to the naming process.