Coconut Seltzer
Product Nam

Chris Allen and Vincente Surraco were two founders in need of a name for their newly developed coconut water cocktail. Given the solid thinking they’d done on the brand along with their openness to a variety of name constructions, we eagerly climbed on board. After one round, a raft of names rose to the top, including Island Snow, 72 & Sunny, and Lunar Chill. Ultimately, however, the founders opted for Osena. With its elegant tonality and nod to water through the onset letter “O” (phonetically suggesting water in French) plus the Latin word for senses, the name hit the spot.

Partner: cba
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When Chris and Vincente came to River + Wolf, they had a solid sense of their brand. This, along with their openness to all kinds of names, from elegant to edgy, made the process as refreshing as the beverage we were naming. Once we had the name, they seamlessly segued to cba, our package design partner, who transformed the name into a premium, but playful design.