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Leading private investment firms, Veritas Capital and Leeds Equity Partners were spearheading the merger of three education technology leaders: Campus Management, Campus Labs, and iModules. The three companies were joining forces to create a brand-new EdTec company that offered cutting-edge solutions to better support the ever-changing needs of higher education. Anthology captured two key concepts: collective knowledge and also the highest or best kind of knowledge. In addition, it worked well with the company’s global market and themed nicely to higher education in general. River + Wolf’s designer took the metaphor one-step further, developing a striking logo that represented both to books and data charts.

Partner: Irasema Design
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One of the things that leads to stellar names, especially in a re-brand or merging of companies, is when a client views River + Wolf as a partner, not just a vendor. Jim Milton, the company’s CEO, and CMO Susan Scholes and her stellar team did just that. This approach allowed us to find the new name in a speedy and very enjoyable way.