Pet Pharma
Company Name

Pets are a passion at River + Wolf, so the team was thrilled when founder Nishant Batra approached us in need of a name for his new, online pet retail pharmacy store that offered medicines, along with dietary and nutritional supplements, healthy treats, and snacks. Naming in the pet space is often very descriptive—to cite a few examples: PetMeds, PetSmart, PetCareRX—so we were delighted when Nishant fell in love with Bandana. Coincidentally, bandanas also have a loose connection to healing as they are often sprayed with calming fluids to comfort anxious pets. We also developed the company’s tagline—Wellness. Delivered—and logo. With that, this naming tale (or should we say ‘tail’) came to a happy end.

Partner: Irasema Design
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When dealing with healthcare, whether for pets or people, it is always a fine line between a friendly, fun tone and a trustworthy name. We were thrilled that Nishant and his team could see that creative and trustworthy isn’t a binary choice.