Game Platform
Product Name

Nexon, a global gaming industry leader renowned for Live Operations, had developed an innovative platform. The platform offered game publishers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered game management services encompassing quantitative and qualitative data analysis for tasks like matching, cheat and bot detection, recommendations, security, marketing, UX data, payment solutions, in-game story management, and more.

Because of its global user base, it was crucial that the name be easy to pronounce, spell, and clearly conveyed the platform's purpose. While the Nexon team was aware that invented names like "LudoLogic" can have less of a bumpy trademark ride, they were willing to fight for the strongly preferred "Gamescale". Happily, despite some initial risk, the name went on to successful registration in multiple trademark classes in the EUIPO, Korean, and Japanese trademark offices.

Other Projects

Due to trademark congestion in today's PTOs, many names, especially simple English words, can carry high risks of refusal. That said, being too risk-averse can mean missing out on strong trademarks. And while River + Wolf's attorneys always advise against registering clearly risky names, we encourage clients not to rule out names with moderate levels as there is often a path forward. Happily, Nexon took this advice and went on to a successful registration in multiple countries.