Wonder 7
Travel Agency
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Wonder 7
BOC Global, Inc. had a strong vision for a multi-level marketing travel company. Because the sellers and buyers would exist in many part of the world, the name needed to be very simple and easy to grasp. The client wanted a simple, strong word with a direct meaning, as metaphors and coined word could prove challenging. Wonder speaks to the wonder of new experiences and also alludes to the Seven Wonders of the World. During our brand development meetings with the client, we identified three key naming territories for naming: the platform’s ease; exotic places; and adventure. The simplicity and memorability of Wonder 7 rose to the top.
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International naming poses many challenges. Not only must the name be easy to say and spell in a wide range of countries but it must be free of negative associations. Wonder 7 not only passed those hurtles, but did so in style.