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Words at Work

Verbal communications color brand perception as powerfully as visual design. More than that, a robust verbal identity—from name and tagline to copy and brand stories—is one of the simplest and most economical ways to build brand recognition.

River + Wolf offers six core services: name and tagline creation, plus marketing messages, brand storytelling, copy and script writing. All services include brand positioning.


Coming up with good brand names is not good enough. Names must play to prevailing social, economic, and political trends while simultaneously looking years ahead. They must also work across multiple media platforms, not infringe on existing trademarks, and avoid linguistic howlers in an increasingly global marketplace.

For these reasons and more, hiring a professional naming company with an established track record is one of the best business investments you can make.

To help you craft an expressive and credible name that takes into account intellectual property challenges, we’ve developed a time-tested process that allows us to toggle quickly between research, strategy, and creative execution.

Though every process is customized to meet the needs of individual clients, this approach ensures we meet a project’s objectives, budget, and timeline.

Creative Process


River + Wolf naming projects generally take between three to six weeks, including preliminary trademark screening. Express naming is also available. For interested clients, we also provide global linguistic services, screening names for possible negative associations, connotations, and pronunciation issues in worldwide languages.


Tagline Development

Nike’s Just do it and Apple’s think different are terrific taglines. However, even superb taglines require extensive marketing before they become synonymous with their brands. And while River + Wolf doesn’t mount advertising campaigns, we do create taglines worth spreading.


Brand Storytelling

From classic epics to the simple recitals of our days, stories connect us in ways both profound and pleasurable. They conjure up emotions, paint pictures in the mind, and express dreams and desires in ways easy to grasp and remember. Brand stories share this power.


Copy & Messaging

Before setting fingers to keyboard, we undertake in-depth research of your brand or company. This research, when combined with our passion for creating digital and print prose, results in crisp copy, engaging video scripts, and pitch perfect speeches/addresses.

Margaret is a wonderfully creative wordsmith, editor and naming expert. She adds value and insight into every project and consistently over-delivers. She has an easy, collaborative approach to her work that makes her a joy to work with.

Elainne Roberton, Director of Client Services, CB'a BrandEngine