BK Activ
Surgical Ultrasound
BK Activ
BK Medical (recently acquired for a cash purchase of 1.45 billion dollars by the GE Corporation) came to River + Wolf in need of a name for its groundbreaking surgical ultrasound system. With its improved algorithms that automatically allow uniform image resolution, greater details around lesion borders and views at larger depths, enhanced penetration, spatial resolution, and near field image quality, the device addressed many outstanding issues. River + Wolf explored many avenues, from concepts relating to surgeon control and a simple and customizable UI to brilliant vision and image resolution. The BK team ultimately selected BK Activ which spoke to real-time (active) imaging, along with the benefit to patients--to be active again.
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It is always an honor to work with groundbreaking healthcare companies as the work they do of saving and repairing lives is so crucially important. Global medical device is always challenging as it is a very crowded trademark class, with many overlapping goods and services. The openness of the BK Medical team to using "BK" as part of the name helped get us over a potential trademark hurdle.