Ops Aware
Electronical Sensor
Network Name
IFD, a Canadian sensor company, came to River + Wolf for a name for its all-encompassing system that helped utilities manage and maintain their distribution network. The name needed to be broad enough to capture the company’s current sensor product as well as yet-unknown future ones. OpsAware, a camelback name, proved the winning name as it fused the abbreviation for “operations” with a word meaning the keen perception of a situation or fact. The “ops” part of the name also nods to Argus PanOptes, the many-eyed (all-seeing) monster in Greek mythology.
Other Projects

The IFD team was clear and concise in their directions for the naming project. This kind of clarity allowed River + Wolf to hit the mark in one round which led to a cost saving for the client. The IFD team also excelled in name selection: despite thoroughly assessing the pros and cons of each mark, they managed to avoid the trap of over-analysis.