Book Subscription
Company Name
Elizabeth Lane hired us to name her new enterprise, a bespoke, book subscription delivery service. As Elizabeth wasn’t entirely sure what tone she sought for the name, we experimented with a whole range, from the humorous and fun to the elegant and serious. This led to pages and pages of names, names, among them Scop (a Scottish storyteller), Bibbly, Unbound, Ink Spell, Cloverbells (thank you Emily Dickinson), Paper Quilt, and Bookfolk. After lots of lively discussion, everyone agreed that Quarterlane fit the bill as it elegantly combined the personal nature of the business with its quarterly delivery schedule.
Other Projects

The namers at River + Wolf love everything and anything to do with books. Reading them of course, but their look, feel, and even smell. For all these reasons and more, Elizabeth Lane’s innovative book subscription and delivery service had us hooked, chapter and verse.