With over 4,600 craft breweries in the U.S. naming new suds and breweries poses quite a challenge. Most English words are in use and hop puns are almost impossible to find—besides, who wants to be a hoppy cat? Adding to the challenge, beer names cannot be confusingly similar to existing wine and spirit names as this could cause consumers to believe both products emanate from the same source.

Given client interest, we also had to limit ourselves to Florida-centric names. Happily, the rich terrain and storied history of the Sunshine State provided lots of inspiration. Hundreds of names later we reeled in a winner—Bone Hook—a prehistoric fishing hook found in many of Florida’s rivers.

Agency Partner: Namebase

We love learning about the success of companies and products we have named. Given their outstanding suds, we were not surprised to learn that the Bonehook Brewing Co. was voted Southwest Florida’s best craft brewery.