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Company Name

Serial entrepreneurs Marc Hodulich and Jake Knight approached River + Wolf with a unique vision: creating a community for a carefully chosen group of Rising Gen Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI). Their goal was to establish a curated environment where members could safely connect with peers and experts, fostering strong relationships in an inspired and natural setting. Through shared adventures, both planned and spontaneous, members are provided with opportunities to build trusted bonds and exchange experiences unique to those born into ultra-high net worth families.

The founders wanted a name that conveyed exclusivity without an air of snobbishness. The chosen name, "Enclave," worked well as it carried a dual meaning. Not only did it mean a place or group distinct from its surroundings, but it derives from the Sanskrit word, antara, meaning "interior" which aligns with the gatherings' emphasis on self-reflection.

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Working with founders is always exciting, especially when they have a clear understanding of the purpose behind their new venture. Before reaching out to River + Wolf, Marc and Jake had crafted a succinct manifesto that guided the name development and also expedited the process, allowing us to arrive at a name in a much shorter timeframe than usual.