Made For Me
Breast Pumps
Brand Line Name
Made for Me
Tommee Tippee, the fifth largest childcare company in the world, is well known for its spill-proof cups and mother-focused breastfeeding offerings. Though headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company is owned by a large Chinese enterprise. Given the company’s Mandarin and Cantonese speaking market, the new brand line needed to be easy to understand. Too, the company favoured names that sounded like casual speech. The client and subsequent focus groups immediately latched on to Made for Me. This phrasal name checked off three crucial boxes: it was easy to understand, musically appealing, and matched the company’s authentic tone-of-voice. An added touch? The letter M hinted at mother.
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Jenny Lockwood Mullaney and her team were a joy in every way. They knew what they wanted but, at the same time, they were open to pushing the envelope. This blend of clarity and willingness to explore, led to a joyous, creative adventure for both River + Wolf and the Tommee Tippee team.