Snack Food
Product Name

After 25 years in the bread business, Ozery Bakery was branching into snacks - notably smarter snacks. The Ozery team basically wanted to see a lot of "seed" inspired names, so we put on our jazzy hats and riffed away on such names, coming up with candidates such as Seedibles, Seedways, Mighty Seed, Need My Seeds, Seed + Oven, Gone to Seed, to mention a few. The team landed on SeedWise as it suggested two things: a wise or smart way to snack and, also, "in the direction" of something - in this case, snacks in the direction of seeds.

Other Projects

Naming can move quickly when clients have developed a strong orientation prior to hiring an agency. This was the case with the talented Ozery team, who had clearly thought through what the name should prioritize.