Big by Definition
Sephora Mascara
Product Name
Big By Definition

River + Wolf enthusiastically partnered with the prestigious New York City design agency, Mrs&Mr, to craft the perfect moniker for Sephora's groundbreaking ultra-black buildable mascara. This mascara, known for its ability to define and separate each lash with its proprietary ingredients and cutting-edge multidimensional brush, demanded a name that could sail through over twenty trademark databases and transcend language barriers.

From more than 100 compelling River + Wolf name suggestions, three remained after rigorous deliberation: the catchy "Double and Define," the bold "Lashes Go Massive," and the iconic "Definition of Big". " After a subtle linguistic adjustment that transformed "Definition of Big" into "Big by Definition," the name went into a  comprehensive trademark search in over 20 countries. Fortunately, the trademark process was a sweeping success; the name cleared in the client's major jurisdictions, including the EU, the US, and China.

Design partner: Mrs&Mr

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Navigating the trademark class of cosmetics, notorious for its saturation, presents a formidable challenge when it comes to conceiving names that strike a chord with a diverse, multilingual audience. This task is one that only the most seasoned naming professionals should undertake. We commend the New York City design studio, Mrs&Mr, for recognizing this complexity and entrusting us with the naming component of this project.