Company Name

Andre Koo Jr. hired River + Wolf to name his new firm, an early-stage venture capital firm with a proprietary network of external VC fund partners. Along with his financial background, Andre is a trained artist, with a penchant for minimalistic design. Given the personal nature of the fund, we grounded our approach to naming in this aesthetic inclination. The outcome was "K8," an alpha-numeric designation that indirectly alludes to the Koo family name.

Beyond pointing to the first letter of Andre's surname, the letter "K" possesses other unique meanings. Originating from the Hebrew term "kaph," signifying the palm of the hand, it could convey the idea of taking hold of things. Furthermore, it represents a thousand, reinforcing the notion of value or vast opportunities. The numeric "8" adds more dimension to the name as it is a symbol for prosperity in various Asian cultures. It could also represent the double "o" present in Andre's name.

Other Projects

The visual components crafted by That Thing accentuated the resemblance of the numeric 8 to a double letter "o". Working closely together from the project's start, rather than in naming and design siloes, led to a name which verbally and visually emphasized the founder's deep and personal involvement with the new company.