Display Technology
Company name

Flex Lighting came to River + Wolf in search of a new name that better complemented its LCD 2.0 for display screens. Unlike outdated backlighting, with its non-flexible structures and inefficient transmission and inability to work in sunlight, their breakthrough light transmission system works both inside and outside. River + Wolf travelled various naming routes, exploring playful names like Wafer that spoke to its ultra-thin structure to more tech-sounding names that conveyed the concept of clear display, even in brilliant sunlight. Azumo, a name created through blending azure, suggesting a cloudless sky, with ‘umo’ from luminous, proved the winning candidate.

Other Projects

The Flex Lighting team was deeply engaged in the naming process, which almost always assures a great experience. They also moved with lightning speed, understanding that overthinking names can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis and an inability to choose.