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PayCore, a Turkish based company, came to River + Wolf in search of a name for their new SoftPOS solutions and payment acceptance suite designed to transform all smartphones and tablets into POS terminals. At first, the company wished for a name that included the word “pay” to tie back to the PayCore family. Given the saturation of pay type names, we urged them to be open to various name constructions. The PayCore team proved very flexible, and after considering both pay and non-pay type names, Yazara, inspired from "yazar kasa", the Turkish word for cash register, rose to the top. River + Wolf’s design partner, Irasema Rivera, took the name to completion with an elegant, minimalist design that suggested a credit card, screen, and pay station.

Partner: Irasema Design
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In naming, the known can often seem more appealing than the unknown. But traveling less familiar naming paths can lead to stronger results, not only in terms of memorability, but trademark strength. Despite their initial orientation, the PayCore team proved flexible and adventurous. These attributes almost always lead to great names.