Regenerative Travel
Platform Name
Founders Justin Randolph and Brophy Tyree are passionate about creating experiences that nourish the traveler, the communities they visit, and the earth itself. To fulfill this goal, they created Untrodden. Over time, however, the company name fell short—it was hard for people to remember and some confused it with the negative “downtrodden”. Re-brands often meet with resistance, but in this case, the founders were eager to change their name to better reflect their mission. As serious readers of nature writing and poetry, they had an unusually developed awareness of the sound and sense of names. This literary orientation, combined with a deep intellectual and soulful engagement with the River + Wolf naming process, ultimately led the team to Earthtones, a name that speaks to the sounds and colors of nature.
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Naming really is a journey—so much is explored in the quest to find a word or two that captures a brand. Like most journeys, the process is even more delightful when everyone is in it together. That certainly was the case with the Untrodden team—the linguistically gifted founders wholeheartedly joined River + Wolf on the naming quest.