Best Skin Ever
Product Name
Best Skin Ever

Sephora had a new, medium-coverage, natural-finish foundation with a long-wearing, anti-pollution formulate that hydrated the skin for up to 12 hours. The name needed to convey the idea that this foundation was not about looking "made up". After developing a robust group of names, including monikers such as Show Your Glow, True to You, and Skin'hanced, the Sephora team embraced the straightforward tonality of Best Skin Ever. We also worked on their soon to launch mascara, developing a vast number of potential names that conveyed length in a non-direct way. This led to River + Wolf monikers such as Lashes Go Massive, Double Take, and Make Way for Lashes. After Round One, the Sephora team decided they preferred a name that directly conveyed length which led them to SizeUp.

partner: Mrs & Mr.
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Cosmetic naming is extremely challenging given the vast number of products developed on a yearly basis. For this reason, huge numbers of names need to be developed as so many are lost during screening. Happily, the Sephora team was open to a range of name constructions, including phrasal names which can sometimes lower risk levels. Added bonus? Phrasal names easily lend themselves to great storytelling, an important component of cosmetic naming.