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Real estate entrepreneur David Guinta knew the challenges of naming as he had been fruitlessly searching for a name for a long period prior to coming to River + Wolf. As often the case with solopreneurs, we discovered the name during our explorations of the founder’s personal passions, among them a love of orchards and gardens. This led to Blackplum, a name that conveyed the company’s unique selling position—juicy returns through investments in plum properties operating in the black. The name also calls up the plum blossom, a nearly universal symbol of hope and promise.

Partner: Irasema Design
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Early on, we realized that our client would be most satisfied with a name that reflected his personal interests and orientations. David’s love of orchards and gardens yielded a bushel of well-received names and after two rounds, he plucked Blackplum from the many baskets of names.