Surgical Tech
Product Name

The Italian based company, Medical Microinstruments (MMI), had developed a groundbreaking surgical technology that combined the world’s smallest wristed micro-instruments along with tremor-reducing motion scaling technologies. With these dual capabilities, a greater number of surgeons can perform microsurgery—the manipulation or suturing of anatomy such as arteries, veins, ducts or nerves. After exploring various naming themes, including precision, togetherness, and stabilization, the client selected Symani®, a name that played both to the surgeon’s hand (mani) working together with technology (sym) as well as the two wristed instruments performing in unison. Given global sales, the name needed to be very easy to say and spell. Symani® sewed it up on all fronts.

Partner: Irasema Design
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Global surgical device naming faces multiple challenges, from a crowded trademark space to multiple linguistic issues. The MMI team quickly grasped this challenge. Their willingness to accept this reality, led to a cost-efficient and ownable name.