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JNX Sports
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JNX Sports

New Zealand’s CobraLabs, a company specializing in high-performance supplements, needed a company name that better embraced the edgy tonality of their supplement names that sported names like The Curse! The Shadow! The Ripper! So we took a walk on the dark side of naming, cracking open volumes of mythology, magic, and gothic novels to find interesting names such Baldr (from Norse mythology), Kanga (Maori curse), DarkFyre, Incant, and Trance. Jinx proved the lucky charm, especially when we waved the naming wand and shortened it to JNX. The final name, JNX Sports® well reflected the company’s “medicine for mayhem".

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The two founders were highly imaginative Kiwis who were very clear in their wishes for a name that was bold, edgy, and dark without being evil. Their clarity about the name’s tonality got us off on the right foot and quickly led to a winning candidate.