JBL Aware
JBL Aware
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JBL Aware

JBL had created a new line of sport headphones called Reflect. One of these provided noise cancellation with the ability to mix in environmental sound, an especially important feature for outdoor runners. Mindful of the challenges of finding single, one-word English words that can leap over the high hurtles of trademark, we developed a very robust master list, knowing we would lose many names on screening. Aware stayed in the running and found great favour with the company. We also developed marks for two other headphones in the series: Reflect Contour and Reflect Focus.

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Sometimes naming is a long-distance run, other times a sprint. Given the proximity of its product launch, our work on a line of JBL headphones was a sprint. We reached our goal with time to spare as the team readily embraced the name JBL Aware for their sport earphones.