Earth. Vine. Grape.
Earth. Vine. Grape.
Organic Wine
Product Name
Earth. Vine. Grape.

To name Jacob’s Creek’s organic wine, we used the Rule of Three—a writing principle that asserts things bundled in threes are more satisfying than other numerical groupings. For this Australian wine, we picked three nouns—“earth”, “vine”, and “grape”. To emphasize the wine’s additive-free nature, we followed each with a period. The result? A pure and simple name that gets straight to the point. The Jacob’s Creek team also invited us to name a soon to launch night-harvested wine. The final name Cold Harvest, derived from River + Wolf’s submissions, among them Frosty Star, Chilly Vine, and Cold Pluck.

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Wine naming is one of the most creative industries for naming professionals as it is wide-open to allusive or fanciful names. This led us to names like Muddy Boots and Robin’s Skip for the company’s fresh and natural wine. After lots of deliberation, the Jacob’s Creek team opted for the super simple: Earth. Vine. Grape.