Software Dev
Company Name

Founder, Zach Langbert, of Northwest Computing, approached River + Wolf to rebrand his boutique software consulting firm. The existing name, Northwest Computing, failed to convey the company's expertise in delivering top-notch products across various industries such as AI, bioscience, gaming, and healthcare. Based in Portland, the team sought Oregon-themed as well as Retrofuturism inspired names. These very different themes resulted in a diverse set of options, including Thunderegg (a nodule-like rock similar to a filled geode), Painted Hill, Fishhawk, Tier Ten, Aerostat, and Different Engine. Ultimately, the team selected Geode, drawn to its metaphorical representation of cracking open ideas to reveal inherent brilliance.

Other Projects

It's thrilling when founders show openness to exploring diverse themes for naming. Zach and his team provided us with ample creative freedom, expressing their interest in names inspired by Oregon and Retrofuturism. Being open to less well-known areas such as Retrofuturism can also lead to unexpected naming surprises.