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River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Cosmetic Names

Cosmetic naming is a holy grail for naming experts, as the beauty industry is generally open to every style of name, from the descriptive to the allusive. This means there is ample room for creative play, and we namers love to play. That said, the mind-boggling number of marks already registered or in use makes finding a name immensely challenging, at least from the trademark perspective…

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Words can be like x-rays if you use them properly—they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.

– Aldous Huxley
River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Coffee/Tea Names

Whether crafted from beans or leaves, there’s nothing like a steaming cup of brew to warm the body, mind, and spirit during November’s chilly days and nights. And today, finding a coffee or tea that matches your taste and temperament, has never been easier.

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River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Cider Names

When autumn comes, our minds naturally turn to the traditions of fall: carving pumpkins, picking apples, and the imbibing of ciders, both hard and soft. And while many are familiar with the names of ciders owned by the big beverage companies like Angry Orchard and Woodchuck, a fabulous crop of newer regional and local cider has hit the market in recent years.

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The secret of being boring is to say everything.

– Voltaire
River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Ad Tech Names

Today, advertising has gone beyond traditional dissemination through television, billboards, radio, magazines, newspaper, and circulars. Digital devices have opened up new avenues for brands, marketers, and companies to more effectively reach their audiences.

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She always wanted words, she loved them: grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape.

Michael Ondaatje
River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Wine Names

The month of July is associated with down time. And what better way to relax than kick back with a glass of wine under a beach umbrella or summer moon? Along with providing insights for the wine-name curious, the monikers and tips below can provide a bit of inspiration for marketers and entrepreneurs charged with creating a name for a wine or winery.

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River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Travel Names

In the month of June, the mind turns towards summer—for many the season of travel and leisure. And though some of the world’s great hotels and destinations have far from creative names, the space is also filled with intriguing monikers that invite wonder and curiosity.

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River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Personal Care Names

Spring has sprung. It is time to get fresh. As we step up our grooming game in anticipation of warmer weather, we pause to celebrate some of the best brand names launched in personal care. So if you find yourself tasked with naming a product or company, the 12 examples featured should provide ample inspiration.

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The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter — ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.

– Mark Twain
River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Women’s Co-Working Names

March is International Women’s Month, a time to reflect on women’s contributions to history and contemporary society. As such, we are dedicating this edition of Names of Distinction (NOD), River + Wolf’s monthly gallery, to outstanding brand names of women’s co-working spaces.

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Blog posts about language

The Music of Words

Depending on the strategy, we often produce names that are explicitly linked to brand attributes through syntax and semantics. Another approach is to create names that are not so obviously connected to product features, but rely on phonetic finesse, or, sound symbolism – the linguistic process in which the very sound of a word suggests meaning.

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One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

– Jack Kerouac
River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Fragrance Names

In tribute to Valentine’s Day, February’s gallery highlights women’s, men’s, and unisex fragrance names as fragrance is often the gift of choice for February 14th celebration of love and friendship. Like cosmetic naming, fragrance naming is often considered a holy grail for naming experts because it provides so much latitude in terms of name construction, personality, and messaging.

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Blog posts about brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling: Behind the Buzz

If you’ve visited any branding blog or website in the past few years, you will have read claims touting the importance of so-called “brand storytelling.” Like any useful buzzword, “brand storytelling” simply restates a truth that smart marketers have known forever—your brand is nothing without a good story.

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I like good strong words that mean something.

– Louisa May Alcott
River + Wolf company Announcements icon

River + Wolf Wins Clutch Global Award

Starbucks. Nike. Google. These are just the names of some of the biggest brands in the world today—anyone who hears or reads these names is instantly reminded of who these companies are. And while many elements contribute to a brand’s success, a name is the foundation—in fact, it may be the most crucial part of you brand.

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River+Wolf Trademarking blog posts

An Approach to Global Trademark
Clearance and Registration

For multiple reasons, the trademark clearance and protection process are some of the more one of challenging areas of brand naming, increasing in complexity for clients operating in a global marketplace. And while there is no one-size-fits-all approach to clearing a trademark for global use and/or registration, there are some broadly applicable considerations and strategies you will want to keep in mind.

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And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns them to shape and give to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

– William Shakespeare
Articles about medical product and company naming

How to Name a Medical Device

Medical device names are tricky. Not only is the medical field a crowded one when it comes to trademarks, but marks must accomplish multiple things in a somewhat restricted playing field. To assist marketers and others confronted with this task, here are some basic tips.

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Icon for posts regarding naming Ingredients

The 4Cs: A Product Naming Strategy

Like cakes, product names—in fact, all kinds of brand names—are built from multiple ingredients. At River + Wolf, we call these ingredients the 4 Cs: character, communication, construction, and continuum. Combined they establish your strategy for naming. Below is a breakdown of each. Character is the personality of the name — what in the branding…

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It is with words as with sunbeams – the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.

– Robert Southey
Articles about business naming and branding

3 Tips for Business Naming

Like product names, great company names should capture key attributes, roll off the tongue, and trigger terrific stories. Company names are no different, but have some extra lifting to do. Like product names, great company names should capture key attributes, roll off the tongue, and trigger terrific stories.

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Articles about app naming

The Principles of App Naming

With a proliferation of mobile apps on the market, a good name can make a difference. And while a weak name won’t necessarily spell disaster for a well-conceived product, a great name makes the all-important first impression. A few solid principles can help.

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Articles about domain naming

Pros & Cons of gTLDs

With the Internet hovering around 1 billion registered domains, it is, to put it mildly, a very crowded place. Given that staggering number and the comparative pittance of top-level domain extensions (TLDs), especially dot.coms, it’s easy to see why registering a new domain is so challenging.

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My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel–it is, before all, to make you see.

– Joseph Conrad
Coworking naming articles

Coworking Naming Trends

While many forces helped shaped the coworking phenomena, it largely arose to meet the needs of independent workers for flexible and affordable space. Today, coworking has matured beyond desks and free coffee; the best spaces include extensive opportunities for networking, personal, and professional development. In fact, coworking has become so popular it even boasts its own industry journal — DeskMag.

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River + Wolf company Announcements icon

Top Naming Agency – Featured in Clutch

At River + Wolf, we believe in the power of words. The right wording can make or break a branding strategy. That’s why, since being featured on Clutch, we are so proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far for our clients and the extremely kind words they’ve given us in exchange.

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Articles about literature in written branding

How Brands Are Using Books As Messaging

If you’ve walked into a J.Crew store in the past couple of years, you might have stumbled upon a few literary classics or large-scale art books nestled into a display of Oxfords or cashmere crews. Books are part of the Warby Parker brand as well. The socially conscious eyewear company has teamed up with publishers to offer a selection of titles on sale in their library-inspired flagship. These references honor an otherwise marginalized world of literature and work to hook (knowingly or not) a population ever saturated in the digital age.

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River+Wolf articles about writing

5 Keys to Compelling Copy

Though literary and brand writing serve different purposes — the first to make sense of the elusive human experience, and the second, to drive goods and services into the hands of elusive customers — they have much in common when it comes to craft.

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Blog posts about language

Five Star Brand Renaming

There are several reasons for renaming your company or product. Among them, a merger between two companies, legal troubles, a public relations nightmare, or negative political or cultural associations. But a name change can have serious consequences – from lost equity and consumer recognition, to a precipitous drop down Google’s SERP. These companies’ name changes were fully five star.

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I only achieve simplicity with enormous effort.

– Clarice Lispector
Blog posts about language

Moonshot: A Wondrous Word

One of the highly enjoyable tasks of brand name development is researching multiple disciplines in search of words and concepts. On one such exploration, I encountered the word “moonshot”, a term that originated during the Apollo 11 space launch to describe the act or procedure of launching a spacecraft to the moon.

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River+Wolf reviews

Review: 5 Star Story Names

Through effective storytelling you can create authentic connections with your customers and transform your company into a bona fide brand. Campaigns like Apple’s The Song, Airbnb’s Wall and Chain, and Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want”, are just a few examples of wonderful tales that help spring brands to life and bring customers closer.

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Blog posts about language

Names Get Political

The 2016 presidential race has been lacking in many things, but name-calling is not one of them. Beyond the tried-and-true–demagogue, jerk, idiot, racist, sexist, and xenophobe–less common monikers have been hurled during this toxic election season.

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Software product naming articles

Microsoft’s Suite Spot

For many, the principal programs of the Microsoft Office suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – are such a part of our daily lives that it’s hard to think they were once products in search of a name.

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Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, now that’s creativity.

– Charles Mingus
Wine naming blog posts

Wine Names Get Wild

The Millennial Generation has come of age and stepped up as one of the most dominant consumer groups in the US, and the wine industry has taken note. Not only are young people, women in particular, driving sales, but they are influencing trends in naming and design as well.

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